Love Stings




6 Years ago this was me and my boyfriend William. 6 years later Im here at 2am crying because I never get to have another conversation with him. I don’t get to see him grow old with me and watch what we become together because he committed suicide 5 1/2 years ago March 17, 2008…our senior year of high school.

No one can imagine the pain suicide causes the survivors until you are one, then you’d do about anything to make it go away except the one thing that caused it all in the first place. Once you know what it can do to the people around you you swear that is never an option for you. The hole he left I believe is forever there though I believe I have done a pretty good job coping with no guide as to how. Losing your Best Friend at such a young age in such a tragic way was a pretty good wake up call. It says… ‘Enjoy what you have now cause at any moment it may be taken away!’


Got it life…thanks for the advice.