Bring out the D!

I recently started doing the Mary Kay thing, mostly because everything else in my life was changing at the time so why not add in something positive and fun? It turns out, its a lot of work if you want to make anything out of it. So far I haven’t found any motivation to talk to strangers about face care…

So I go to my second meeting last night, and one of the top ladies (I’m assuming the pink Caddy in the parking lo was hers) did a workshop about the personality types D I C S and I actually learned a lot. Even after she gave many examples of each type, I still couldnt decide which one was most dominate in me. The D in me needs to ‘drive the car’, the S wants to take care of the people I care about most, the I wants to sing and dance in the car no matter who’s watching, and the C needs a solid plan. Each characteristic has its ‘good’ and ‘bad’ but after listening to her speech about how she had to bring out the DOER-D when her hubby lost a large income so her Mary Kay business took off and now is driving a pretty pink car. That was when I realized I can be whatever letter I want to be and a little more D wouldn’t hurt, they are the go getters, the ones that MAKE things happen instead of just waiting around.

I know I have the capability of getting thru school on time and finding a way to financially be stable while doing something I love.Image

From today I am going to make it a goal to make my dreams come true.